pebble time

Pebble Time: Long Term Review

I received my Pebble Time back in June 2015 after backing its Kickstarter in March. This being my first smart watch I was rather excited, however after 6 months of use I have very mixed opinions on different parts of the […]


Installing Gogs on a Raspberry Pi

Information on how to install Gogs on a Raspberry Pi seems to be a little difficult to find on the internet, so using a number of different websites, I have compiled a step-by-step guide. I would recommend doing this on a […]

NZXT H440 Unboxing

After spending 6 months forgetting/putting off editing this video, numerous microphone glitches, video editing software issues and about 5 minutes of missing footage (of about 30 mins), I finally unbox the NZXT H440, one of the best cases available right […]

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Arduino Water Temperature Sensor

  Going to be playing around with a water temperature sensor today. I was originally planning to do this in a blog post with the water level sensor but it required a 4.7K ohm resistor which I did not have […]